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    • Roo
    • 03.01.10 | 01:39 (IST)

    Jennifer if you HAD read the book you would not have written your bizarre post. "that he offers no scientific or historical basis for his arguments" Because Sand's book is full of footnotes detailing a long tradition of argument and evidence which supports his thesis. In fact *his* thesis is no more than a recapitulation of traditional scholarship, rather more, traditional *Jewish* scholarship. No "historical basis for his arguments" ?!. You clearly have not read Sand's book. Or this, "not to mention that science has proven him wrong". You shouldn't have mentioned it because science has proven nothing of the sort and has little to do with it. Also had you read the book you would know that Sand does address this issue. Once again you demonstrate a lack of knowledge of the book. Clearly there is no such thing as a gene that will identify a Jew, nor have the various genetic studies proven much beyond their own uncertainty. See here: And here: All the major early studies thus far have been subject to revision and debate. They have asked more questions than they have provided answers for. I don't imagine you are aware of the study of Ashkenazi 'Levites' which suggests some one time 'mass' conversion of * Levite Jews*, somewhere in Europe!? Or one study that revealed a large amount of supposedly M.Eastern origin Jewish males who seem to have taken female mates of European origin sometime during the middle ages. "I could also write a book about how humans evolved from unicorns and like sand`s book" However, unlike a book about unicorns written by an irreverent fraud, Sands thesis was quite simply the accepted thesis for centuries, only being disputed in Jewish circles during the rise of 19thC Zionism. In fact before the formation of modern day Israel, his claims would have met with little surprise and much agreement. In short Sand has not developed a new untested theory like your unicorn theory, but restated a long held tradition supported by a large number of historical sources, mostly Jewish sources. Jennifer, read the book. I would happily discuss some of its finer points with you if you can indeed find your copy which I dare say you have mislaid? For example you could discuss the citation of Isaac Baer Levinsohn, on p 243. Where Levensohn [described as the father of Jewish enlightenment in Russia] says in 1828: "Our elders told us that some generations ago the Jews in these parts spoke only the Russian language and this Ashkenazi Jewish language we speak now had not yet spread among all the Jews living in these regions." ie. not Yiddish from the west, so from whence did they come? Or perhaps you might comment on Solo Barons comments on Khazaria on the previous page? Looking forward to your response.

    from the article: Comment / Settlers can stay, but only as citizens of Palestine
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