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    • ussishkin
    • 03.05.10 | 13:40 (IDT)

    I have usually rejected outright those who fear an apocalypse for Israel, dismissing them for not living here, paying our taxes wearing our uniform and taking our risks. Our peculiarity has always been that "somehow we can get through this" - and "this" has encompassed many serious challenges to our survival to numerous to enumerate here.. Right now however the list would subsume many other nations. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," Roosevelt famously announced, proffering the new deal. I am not dismissing the fear of a nuclear armed Iran, though like most I am bemused by the screaming headlines and contradictory analyses that surround this issue, That Hezbollah has more missiles than several of pour neighbours is a genuine source of fear, that our economy is not as stable as government would lead us to believe in an international recession is another. But the real fear is those home grown sources - the dishonest political class, the undemocratic path we are treading from government decision making, army action to human and civil rights. And much of this is encapsulated in the greatest longest lasting of all sources of our inner corrosion - the occupation. With these fears comes just one more - we ourselves. Whether reacting to the weight of the above or even more blinkered to political reality than before, we are behaving as if there are no boundaries, no reins that can pull us back, no authority that can counsel against our direction. It isn't just that we have abused and dismissed most of our allies. It is that we pretend that this is the 1950s and 60s when no one heard of us much and did little about us. The one stalwart in our existence, who we always turn to in deep distress is the Diaspora. But now they who represent our true cradle express concern for our future unlike at any time in our history. Many of them have lived and worked here, speak our language, paid our taxes wore our uniform. They are our hinterland which fights academic and trade boycott; it is they who lobby governments for our support. It is they who insist on being pro-Israel and pro-Peace. Ignoring J Call and those who provided the first initiative in J Street, is to close not only our ears but our hearts to those who love us the most and care for us the most..

    from the article: A welcome Jewish voice
    First published 06:40 03.05.10 | Last updated 06:40 03.05.10
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