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    • Joe
    • 02.10.05 | 20:22 (IDT)

    "Joe, you are comparing apples and oranges! The Jews in N.Y. (or U.S., for that matter) belong to a religious minority (among many others). One that is rooted in a Christian country with relative freedom enjoyed through that system. They do not face the same threats as in Israel" You are the one mixing apples and oranges. Are you telling me the Israeli-Arabs are behind acts of violence against Jews?. That's a lie and if anything, it's the minority Arabs who are threatened by Israeli majority and the police action reflects how Israeli society as a whole views them, shoot first and ask questions later. You are mixing Palestinians occupied in the West Bank,Gaza and Jerusalem with Palestinian-Israeli citizens in Israel. My point is why can't the Jewish majority in Israel treat it's Arab minority as the Chrstian majority treats the Jewish minority in New York? Jews in New York would go nuts at the mention that anyone should maintain the "Christian character" of New York state--and rightfully so. Yet, Palestinian-Israeli's are constantly being told how the state of Israel IS FOR JEWS AND FOR JEWS ONLY and on and on with this archaic tribal mentality manifesting itself in every facet of Israeli society. I know for a fact, New York Jews would not tolerate ONE MINUTE living as a Palestinians in Israel. Your bring up car bombs and other matters but your intentionally confusing the issue. I support the intifadah and you won't ever see me apologize for defending my homeland but I'm talking about the Arab citizens in Israel who took no part in our struggle in the occupied territories and who themselves must endure oppression and discrimination unde the cover of "maintaining the Jewish character" of the state. The sad fact that you continue to ignore, Zionism is racist ideology. When Jabotinsky talked about creating a "super Jew", it's no different than Hitler wanting to create the "super German". It's a race based ideology with supremacist tendencies. I'm for a Jewish state so all the racist Jews can feel right at home being around their kind. I'm just not for giving up my homeland to bring that about. I'm sorry that offends you but that's how it is. Surely with all the Jewish wealth and access to the American treasury, one can purchase LEGALLY around 9,000 sq miles of land--which equals all of "Israel" today. Steven Spielberg alone owns more land in Montana than all of Israel but yet we are told Palestinians must be eradicated to make room for foreign Jews? Go build settlements in Spielberg's back yard, NOT MINE!!

    from the article: A police of Jews
    First published 00:00 02.10.05 | Last updated 00:00 02.10.05
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