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    • zionist forever
    • 11.01.12 | 17:36 (IST)

    If we are not going to lock up illegals what are we going to do with them, just give them work permits and an apartment in Tel Aviv? They all need to be locked up in a secure facility until their case can be heard and its decided if they are legitimate refugees or illegal economic migrants who we can just deport no questions asked. As things stand they can only be held for 60 days and then released and thats not nearly enough time to keep people detained if we want to deport them because they are here illegally especially as there are thousands coming into the country every year. Anyone who aids migrants who smuggle drugs of weapons or provides shelter could face jail time, so what? Do we want people giving shelter to people smuggling in weapons and drugs, if we don't stop people giving shelter to these people then it will just encourage more to come and there is the little fact that they are NOT HERE LEGALLY. Its not inhumane and its certainly not an issue about democracy, its called keeping control of people who come in and out of this country and Israel is not the only country that does this sort of thing, many EU countries and the US also allow for detaining and deporting illegals so if its ok for those countries which like to consider themselves so civilized why is not ok for Israel to do they same? We are also not sending them to prison, the government is planning to build a dedicated detention center in the Negev which can hold thousands of these people. Thats not a prison where they are kept in cells its a place where they are locked up but treated well. If these Africans want to work in Israel then they need to do the same as everybody else and thats apply for a visa and work permit and if they are refused then they look for work elsewhere and if they come to Israel then they will be deported. If we are not going to deport anybody who can beat the system then why don't we just tear down our border crossings and say if you wanna come work or live in Israel no matter who you are or where you came from your welcome. What we need to do long term is not just build the detention center and big walls but also take out adds in the local media in these countries where there is a big problem with illegals coming to Israel make sure they know they will not be made welcome in Israel and they will be locked up and deported. If we can stop them wanting to come we solved 99% of the problem. We should also expand this law to say anybody seeking asylum must present themselves at the border request asylum and from there they will be taken to a detention center but as they made a formal request their case will get a fast track and if they qualify then they will either be allowed to stay here or deported to a safe third country. Anybody who enters illegally they will just have to wait their turn to be sorted out from the illegals. Israel cannot be responsible for taking in all the third world refugees and we certainly can't let anybody who wants to come here to work.

    from the article: Israel's anti-infiltration law is a disgrace
    First published 04:36 11.01.12 | Last updated 04:36 11.01.12
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