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Two IDF soldiers killed, seven wounded in Hezbollah strike

Soldiers hit by rocket were driving unarmored vehicle despite high alert • Lieberman calls for 'disproportionate' response • IDF responds with artillery fire • UNIFIL soldier killed by Israeli response strike.

Labor's Isaac Herzog and Hatnuah's Tzipi Livni
Livni: Israel will hit back 'harshly' for Hezbollah attack

'Whether this is Iran acting through Hezbollah or whether it is Syria, IDF will strike back without compromise,' says Zionist Camp co-chair.

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Rome Jewish community leader trapped inside Auschwitz

Grandson of Auschwitz victims got locked inside the death camp and was caught trying to climb out.

An editor we all loved, in a class of his own

He was an Orthodox editor of a secular newspaper; British to his soul, editor of a Hebrew newspaper; he was a radical Zionist and a no less radical leftist, some of whose family lived in settlements, settlements that he regarded as a disaster.