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    • zionist forever
    • 22.02.12 | 08:57 (IST)

    Operate busses and you get more and more stores opening on Shabbat because there is more freedom of movement You get stores opening on Shabbat and you lose not only Shabbat as a religious day but given enough time it becomes just another working day. In the UK it used to be Saturday & Sunday were weekends nobody opened etc then regulations started changing because people wanted to be able to do their shopping at the weekends and today Saturday is pretty much an ordinary working day with 90% of stores open so that means employees don't get a day off because when people apply for jobs if they are not willing to work weekends then they don't get the job, they are not told that officially but privately the employer see 2 candidates both qualified for the job and one is willing to work any day the store choses to open and the other doesn't want to work weekends then it will be the one who is willing to work anytime who will get the job because the store wants to be open maximum time to make maximum profit. In the UK after Saturday had been turned into just another day of the week came Sunday England's Shabbat became the next target. First it was for a few hours a day then that gradually increased more and more. Convenience ends up making quality of life worse. Its the religious Jews who are actually the smart ones when it comes to Shabbat, they see it as a day of rest and they spend the day relaxing before the 6 day working week begins again the next day. My father is self employed and he used to work on Saturday then he became more religious and started keeping Shabbat that meant not traveling or spending money on Shabbat and he says its the best thing he has ever done because he feels there is much less stress on him now. You take the religious issue out of this and you can see from the examples of other countries that eventually your just going to the position where Saturday is a day off in theory only whilst in reality its just now part of what has effectively become a 7 day working week. Today its the busses tomorrow its the 7 day working week, its all interlinked. Withe busses will a driver be given a job if he is not willing to work Shabbats if he is needed? All this is going to achieve is start off a new round of riots between religious and non religious and as Israel is supposed to be a Jewish state shouldn't we observe at least some customs because the day we start just getting rid of all the religious customs the country is no longer a Jewish state in action so why the hassle of having it a Jewish state in law then we can let all the arabs come here, the filipinos who have overstayed their work permits illegally can all stay be given citizenship without worrying about a Jewish majority and the day the country stops being a Jewish state it will have no right to exist and should be given to the arabs lock stock and barrel because the only reason it was created was because the Jews wanted a Jewish state but if the Jews don't want a Jewish state anymore then lets just give it over to the people who would appreciate having it.

    from the article: Saying yes to buses in Israel on Shabbat
    First published 02:58 22.02.12 | Last updated 02:58 22.02.12
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