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    • Zev Davis
    • 22.12.10 | 09:52 (IST)

    Not really, since he picked up the melody from what was left over of the Yevesekstia that was trashed by the Soviets somewhere in the '30s. They had a dream, too, to disconnect anything that was related even closely to Halacha from Jewish national life. They were the first ones to close synagogues in the FSU even before the non-Jews dreamed of suggesting the idea. In Mandatory days, they demonstrated their attitudes by eating bread on Pesach, rusing off to the fields to "save the crops" on Shabbat, and other foilshtick to which, unfortunately for them, Berl called it "disconnecting". The smile on the "Old Man's" face when he cut off the peyot of the Yemenite boy tells it all. It explains why he was mum when otherwise Traditional Jews were told that their children had died in hospital, only to receive induction notices from the Army that they were expected to appear for physical examinations--yes Virginia, they were kidnapped and adopted illegally. Halachically Obserrvant Jews were frozen out of the system for a long time, and now they are gaining some kind of acceptance. They see social issues that need correction, so a Shas "politician" suggests that young married couples get subsidies on their mortgages to make it easier for them to start out. You call that undue interference in the affairs of the State. I didn't see any Secularist pols show the same level of concern for young couples. What is wrong with Halachic thinking in the legislative process? It's an open secret that many judges in the State court system consult rabbis for "their opinions" in cases that require special attention, but God Forbid they should actually quote the Shulkhan Aruch when they write the decision lest some Yevsek jurist utter a great gevalt. Closing streets, kashrut, and other aspects of religious observance often makes sense. In Natanya there is a neighborhood where both Halachically Observant Jews and their non-Halachically Observant neighbors actually like the idea that one day a week the streets are free of traffic, and . . . when the Mall in Ramat Aviv Gimel was closed on Shabbat the non-Observant neighbors were spared the rush of cars going down the main drag leaving them for the better part of a day for themselves. There was a reason for the Status Quo when Ben Gurion and the Hazon Ish agreed to disagree, and there is still a reason for the Status Quo in Jewish life in this country although these days it is observed mostly in the breach. It allows this Jewish State to reveal its national character, to some extent, otherwise, we might as well have found ourselves in Uganda!

    from the article: Israel must separate religion from politics
    First published 01:49 22.12.10 | Last updated 01:49 22.12.10
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