It's Unfortunate That Militant Arabs Can Only Spell Peace as "PIECE" - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Lavi
    • 11.12.05 | 21:12 (IST)

    The Arab outcry at the establishment of Israel even as a sliver of a State in 1948 led to them waging war to eradicate the Jewish population altogether and to take over the whole land. This ultimate mindset has not changed even though they now cry back just for land lost to the Israelis during the Six Day War. Leftist Israelis have to understand that their true desire for peace with their Palestinian neighbors will not save them from bloodshed should the Arabs be in a position to take over Israel by force, just like loyal German Jewish people weren't spared by the Nazis. Israel went into Southern Lebanon for a very good reason and I knew that Assad's taunts for getting them to return to their borders would not be reciprocated by the Syrians. It was a common joke in Lebanon that to insure a job in your own country it was better to first travel to Syria, get a Syrian passport there, and then return to Lebanon to find a sure job. Syria's greedy agenda kept them shamefully in Lebanon and they would still be there were it not for international pressure resulting from their orchestration of the Hariri murder. I challenge Khalid to delineate the borders of what he thinks Israel should be for all of us to see where he's truly coming from! The Palestinians would not face the wrath of the Israelis and then cry foul if they were to seriously tend to their own urgent matters and set themselves to prosper in what lands they currently have jurisdiction over. Instead they usually choose to side with bellicose local or foreign leaders who proudly position themselves as being the deliverers of Islam from the infidel Jews and Christians. The "safe passage" Israel offered was for normal Palestinian people and goods not savage murderers who have already dehumanized all Israeli men, women, and children and who can't wait to kill them. The PA leadership value the thickness of their own necks and don't have the guts to bring order in their ranks, and so their dirty business goes on as usual with Israel's predicted responses. To the Palestinians I say, just truly take Israel up on their offer of peace and you will marvel at how quickly you'll end the spiral of misery your people suffer daily as it will be replaced with much needed prosperity. Many Israelis and other nations are eagerly awaiting to help when good, effective leadership on your part (not self serving individuals in the past like Arafat, or weak ones like Abbas who are scared to take internal armed challengers seeking Israel's destruction) surface.

    from the article: The safe passage: The history of a farce
    First published 00:00 11.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 11.12.05
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