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    • Zev Davis
    • 19.06.13 | 23:54 (IDT)

    In the bad old days of the Soviet Union there were Jewish apparats that had "authority over Jewish communiites, in the same way the Czarrs had "pffocial rabbis" that handled the formal aspects of Jewish life that related to the Czarist regime. The Soviets took that model and placed ultra-Secularist Jews that penalized those Jews and their leaders that maintained traditional values. You could not learn Torah, or teach Hebrew, or keep kosher, of Shabbat, or . . . there was something called a Soviet Jew. Many of the Secularist Zionists took that model and tried to make otherwise Traditional Jews,over into Secular Jews. In Madnatory times, they controlled certain aspects of the workplace, so that if your were Halacically Observant, you had to not observe Halacha, or, find some other way to make a living. Some did, and some didn;t. Once the State was formed, the same sort of coercion was in place, but instead of being volunstary, as it were, it was enshrined into Law. That Ben-Gurion had to go to the Hazon Ish, was a compromise where "the Old Man" figured if religious boys were exposed to Secular ways, they would "lose their religion". Some of that thinking still exists today, though it's harder to enforce as it was when the Haredi and Halachically Observant Jews were out of the system. Rights, you say, obligations, you say, well when these latter day Yevseks, that have taken over that "negatrive libery", void of the whatever spirit the Founders of the State claimed to represent, it means they have to allow Haredim some room in the national dialogue, from which they are kept out by most of the media, written, an visiual. There were serious Secularist Jewish thinkers with whom the Religous sector did have dialogue. They had some feeling for the Sources, but today . . . there ain't many of them, and you don't hear from them too much. You hear a lot of ignorant and crude accusations based on obsuscations of what "you see" and what you see isn't always what it is. Like Balaam, the Yevseks look from the corners of the camp and start bashing, usually ending up with their lies being shown up by more reasonable voices. Yes, we need the Haredim to play a part in the national dialogue, and far less of the latter day Yevseks insisting they understand what is Jewish and attempting to remove Traditional Jewish values and replacing them with the values of the "marketplace".

    from the article: When the ultra-Orthodox advocate religious freedom
    First published 23:04 19.06.13 | Last updated 23:04 19.06.13
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