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    • Yosemite
    • 17.11.10 | 17:41 (IST)

    That feeling that no matter what the courts and the Governments say, something inside your gut tells you that something is wrong or not right. Lot's of times it's just that old Golden Rule. Just about everybody knows that one or actually the reverse. "Don't do things to others that which you wouldn't want done to yourself." So we got stuck with the OJ verdict. "The glove didn't fit." But later on, OJ must of got the feeling that he couldn't get caught or that he could do no wrong. So years later, OJ walks into a hotel room with a gun and tells some guys to give him back his memorabilia. He gets caught and now he is a prisoner for an indefinite time. I don't know. This isn't the same thing. But it proves that even though a person may win in one round, they might not win in another. Burston. You've got a complex situation there. It sounds like if you don't like what the State is doing, they treat you like an enemy whether you're Jewish or not. That's a tough one. Maybe living in a perpetual war situation causes that to happen? It might not get any better over here either. I think that before the housing bubble burst, we had this sense of equilibrium. Now I see robberies in places where there used to be no robberies and people getting shot in places where they use to not get shot. So cops will now toughen up. Another thing I am suspecting. I'm covering a lot of ground here. I've been listening to tapes on Economics. I would suspect that the United States is going to pull back from the Middle East and allow Nato and the Russians to replace them in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is because of the Principle that too much Government Spending increases Inflation and we are in a crisis now. So I suspect the United States will probably be guarding it's Southern Flank a lot more than concentrating in the Mideast. That will leave Israel a lot more on it's own. It's cheaper to fight over here than over there. See? So maybe you're right after all in the long run. In the long run, Israel will be safer if there is some sort of equilibrium. Not just a balance of power because that doesn't take into account the little guys. In your part of the World, those little guys are the Imans and the Rabbis, the Settlers and the Palestinians, and then there is also the Arab Street. Courts are not always sensitive. There's the law and the law is created by us. But is it really us? Laws are based many times on things that are Culturally Relative. Our values. But who controls our values today? It's the Corporate Media. Now you got me really going here. You and Ayn Rand, But then again, What are our own values? What did your Mother and Father tell you about what is right? You see, if we Jews and Arabs don't agree about what is right, then whatever we might do today can sow the seeds of future conflicts. However, getting yourself beat up or killed Bradley, might not solve the problem. At least not in my judgement, because I personally like to see my own work, and like to stick around for that. But as long as people don't have a sense of equilibrium, stuff is going to get scarier because it will become more difficult for us to judge what happens. All these folks involved in planning what happens to us are basing their calculations on formulas. But it's never perfect because men have Free Will. Do you know what I read yesterday? I read that the Chinese are attempting to alter the DNA of humans in ways that not only alter their physical dimensions, but also their psychological dimensions. Do you know what that means? It means no more Free Will. Hang in there Bradley! Yooooooosemite!

    from the article: Flirting with arrest at Jerusalem's newest settlement
    First published 09:44 17.11.10 | Last updated 09:44 17.11.10
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