It is not defending Ahmadinejad but ... you have to understand the concerns of both sides if you want to solve a problem. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Julie
    • 16.10.10 | 04:51 (IST)

    You have to see why Iran does so and why your sanction can nprevent Iran and make it more aggressive. suppose I am Israeili and I want to defend Israel. Honestly I have to see as much as I pressure Iran , it spends more money for Hezbollah with excuse of self-defence and . It is a dialogue that I have been involved many times with Iranian officials when I was working with them before and when I see them now abroad after fleing from Iran in fear of not being killed there! I frequently ask them why you spend this money for Hezbollah and collect enemy for Iran, they told me you are stupid that think that if we stop financing hezbollah, Israel and US would be friend with Iran. They would immediately attack our nuclear facilities.Have you forgotten Iraq war and how US armed sadam?have you forgotten how sadam himself was removed by US after concession? Really we want to bomb Israel that they have told everywhere? I do not think so and thing that both sides should be able to get a compromise to control their interests. Iran can criticize Israel for its occupation like US and Europe, but it should recognize Israel existence through its boarders. It should not involve in a stupid conflict with it which has no justification.Israel certainly has the right to exist, but it can not say what a big and old country like Iran should do. It is too much for both of them and sinec non of them is capable to do what it wants , they continue friction and exhusting each other. In this way both of them are weakening each other for their strategic rivalry with Arab states. would l Athough if you ask Iranians, the majority of them strongly criticize government that spend the money that they need for country growth for Hezbollah and finds new enemy for our country. The other important thing to notice is that Lebanon benefits from its ties with Iran . Israel is no more able to threaten lebanon and attack it easiely as it did for 22 years . In addition, Iran's spending on Hezbollah and reconstruction of Lebanon is a good percentage of Iran's and lebanon's total budget. It happens so when US makes many conditions for giving its obsolete weaponary. Finally, It is really surprising for me that you ignore that you had this conflicts with Arabs when Iran was a close friend of Israel. you have land wars and it is a clear economics stakes , while persians have no such a thing with you. I again surprise that how you ignore that your conflict with Iran only comes after your conflict with arabs. If you solve your problems with arabs then what can Iran do overthere? if you do not destroy Lebanon , then why they need money to reconstruct their home? I ask you not as an Iranian but as an intelectual.

    from the article: Removing the mask
    First published 12:09 15.10.10 | Last updated 12:09 15.10.10
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