It goes without saying anymore, that Israel is repainting the image of Judaism that's held by non-Jews around the world - - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • 25.06.10 | 08:28 (IDT)

    Going fast is the perception of social, judicial, and academic enlightenment and achievement....and being replaced by a perception that includes some of the more loathesome manifestations of the human soul - racism, hate, pettiness, inhumanity, and the lack of empathy. Human's have an unfortunate tendency for stereotyping, which means that Israel, that claims to be central to, and representative of, all Jews - is instead being represented to world by all Jews, who are being sucked into the vortex of the spiraling descent of its international image as they feel world indignation, anger, and frustration being directed toward them. Israel and the world's Zionist orgs are conveniently calling this an increase in anti-Semitism, and maybe in a sense it is - and it certainly DOES provide 'real' anti-Semitism an umbrella under which to operate - but unlike what they'd have people believe, it's not happening for the sake of itself. It's the direct result the availability of information on the internet, improved communications, and an increased international awareness of what is, and has gone on in Israel, especially as it coincides with a government that appears to have pulled all stops on its racism, occupation, settlements building, and blatant disregard for civil rights. No longer are governments, and the media, able to easily subvert the truth and influence the public's perception. People are increasingly able to form an independent judgement based on their own moral and human values - and their conscience - which is a good thing, but the downside of it is the tendency for people to stereotype. So just like many Israelis use terrorists to stereotype Palestinians, Muslims, et al - many people are beginning to stereotype Jews on the basis of Israeli actions. There are outspoken elements within Israel who are rapidly taking it towards outright fascism and apartheid - maybe even worse - and the time is here, if there's a silent majority in Israel, for it to step forward to change its course. All Jews should be intimately familiar with what results when no one does.

    from the article: Yes, Kahane lives
    First published 02:19 25.06.10 | Last updated 02:19 25.06.10
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