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    • zionist forever
    • 23.05.13 | 15:14 (IDT)

    Day 1 after Assad is killed or runs the FSA and other rebel groups will split because they only formed a temporary alliance to achieve a common goal. Now everybody has gone their separate way the fight for power will begin and Syria is a very tribal place it was Hafez Assad that united them but without the strongman will the tribal culture return? The Alwites will be persecuted and they will fight back. The Shia Sunni divide will possibly return especially if Iran interferes in an attempt to put their own people in power and Hezbollah will no doubt form a stronghold. We might see an attempted military coup. Al Quaida who are part of the rebels will be aiming to get their own foothold. The so called alternative government ( an American / European puppet ) has no muscle and is not recognised by many and unlike in Iraq when a puppet government was installed non of the western powers will want to send in the troops to help support this new government and considering that once in power this government may try passing policies the west don't like will they want to keep supporting it? If terrorists use weapons the rebels have been sent to fire on Israel and provoke a war then Israel will give them their war and all hell will break loose because there is no way Israel will sit back do nothing while its people are being fired on. Obama might think everything can be solve through diplomacy but some things cannot and terrorist have no interest in diplomacy especially when they are trying to provoke the war. I think this civil war has a long way to go yet and the longer Assad stays in power for Israel the better. We have no love for him but he is better than the alternatives. Also the longer he destroys the country and wastes his weapons on Syrians then the harder it will be for Syria to threaten Israel in future. So Assad keep fighting, even if nobody else does we appreciate it.

    from the article: Kerry: Assad's achievements in recent days only temporary
    First published 22:50 22.05.13 | Last updated 22:50 22.05.13
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