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    • zionist forever
    • 22.10.10 | 13:23 (IST)

    Israel is and already has always been defined as a jewish state not a jewish & arab state or a state for everybody living there its a jewish state like it or not. Whilst jews should have this oath apply to them in theory it could not even be applied to them because unlike non jews jews have an automatic right to become Israeli citizens if they want and we can't say no if they refuse to swear the oath. As a non jew has no legal right to become an Israeli citizen and whilst non jews can apply they can be refused so we can say to them swear the oath or we just won't give you citizenship. It does not discriminate against arabs living here because this oath applies only to non Israeli citizens. This oath also does not hurt refugees or any other non jews as they have no right to become Israeli citizens because until they are granted citizenship they have no rights in Israel and anybody who wants to become an Israeli citizen should have no problem being willing to swear loyalty to the country they want citizenship of and recognize its national identity if they can't do that they don't belong. Domestic politics like a loyalty oath has nothing to do with Obama or any other foreigners. It is not connected to the peace process in anyway and considering that the State Department has already said it recognizes Israel as a jewish state and the US has a loyalty oath of its own the US cant condemn this and if they did right wing politicians in Israel would step in and say the US claims to recognize Israel as a jewish state but they object to us demanding potential immigrants swearing loyalty to Israel as a jewish state so how can we trust anything the Obama adminstration says? Obama is involved in the peace process but he cannot butt in on every Israeli domestic issue just because arabs object. Congress is not going to invite a man like Tibi to address them especially not a Republican led Congress. Obama is answerable to Congress nor to Tibi or any other arab.

    from the article: Israeli Arab MK: Loyalty oath relegates Israel's Palestinian citizens to inferior status
    First published 12:32 22.10.10 | Last updated 12:32 22.10.10
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Education Minister Naftali Bennett, February 16, 2016.
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