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A Palestinian protester returns a tear gas canister fired by IDF troops during a protest in Abu Dis.
Israel applies its penal code across the West Bank

In a key exception, however, Palestinians may not ward off settler attacks.

08:35 28.03.15 | 3 comments

IDF playing war games, but with real Palestinians

The Israeli army used a training maneuver in the West Bank this week to prepare for potential unrest in the territories. Haaretz accompanied the soldiers, and witnessed a surreal exercise.

Man travels the world to get the truth on his ID card

At the end of a Kafkaesque bureaucratic and legal struggle, Israel recently acknowledged that Joe Wolf was born on April 18, not April 28, as his ID card says.

Israel's endless ethnic ping-pong game

Even when Mizrahim win, Ashkenazim are the victors.