Israels economy was in a very bad way when the left were last in power - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 24.05.13 | 12:09 (IDT)

    I am certainly no Lapid fan and his inexperience in finance does show through but at the same time what would the left do especially the far left like your party Meretz Yossi? The left destroy economies through overspending and overspending is great for the first couple of years because everybody has what they want. Then the good times come to an end but so we could spend so much to make so many people happy we had to borrow heavily and what we borrow we must repay otherwise economy goes down the toilet the way it has in Greece who borrowed more than they had the capability to repay. Being a big spender certainly makes you very popular and wins you elections but when the tie comes to payback the only way to do it is through huge cuts and overnight cuts not gradual. The left have ask turned the rich into scapegoats for all thats wrong in the country and they hound them to such a extent that those evil tycoon who they hate so much do what they are able to do but the ordinary Israeli is not and thats pack their bags and emigrate to a country that respects rich people like Europe or America rather than seeing them as evil oppressors they way they are being looked at in Israel now in Europe and they take all their wealth with them so now they don't pay a single shekel in tax and of course you chase away all the people who pay the most tax you have even less money to spend and so then everybody else has to pay a bigger share of the burden in repaying debts. Economics has a ripple effect and if you get it right there are lots of winners but if you get it wrong there are lots of losers and not just the people directly affected its not just as simple as tax or spend.

    from the article: Yair Lapid, the joke is on you
    First published 06:17 24.05.13 | Last updated 14:17 23.05.13
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