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    • Shlomo
    • 09.12.10 | 17:16 (IST)

    As a Jew, a supporter of the State of Israel almost since its inception, and an American I am appalled at the arrogance of many Israelis especially the so-called ‘religious’. They have as much connection to a moral high ground as the far right Christian Fundamentalists in the US. They insult the intelligence of ethical, moral people everywhere and insult the teachings of Judaism and our Holy texts. As someone who has worked closely with some of the most elite units in the IDF and who has many Israeli co-workers and friends today, I am deeply troubled by what I see and read. I see an arrogant government propped up by an arrogant rabbinate. If you want to have Jews persecuted around the world, if you want to alienate all your friends, if you want to burn bridges instead of building them, and if you want to isolate Israel from the rest of the world and from the Diaspora, continue what you are doing. I can tell you a fact that many of the highly educated and talented Israelis who come to the US for job related reasons, stay here because discrimination is prohibited here by laws that are enforced, they are fed up with Israeli politics, and the control of religion from the right wing turns them off. Israelis need to ask themselves the following question “Are we becoming the new Taliban?” Does Israel honestly think it can do everything alone without any help from elsewhere? The recent fires in the Carmel proved that wrong. The answer is clear, Israelis needs to swallow some of their pride, reaffirm their commitment to a true democracy with equal justice for ALL, and try to find common dialog with all those that disagree, including Diaspora Jews. Those not-so-simple tasks will ultimately result in a stronger, more vibrant society, and secure Israel.

    from the article: Yad Vashem: Forbidding rental to Arabs is a blow to Jewish values
    First published 13:42 09.12.10 | Last updated 13:42 09.12.10
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