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    • karen vaughan
    • 23.12.12 | 08:24 (IST)

    Health begins with clean air, clean water, hot water, to further eliminate any bacteria(just in case) for cooking & drinking, in a well built easy to clean home, in a supportive community, with two people who are; fulfilling all the Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, and from their side find support in the community. A lot of people all over the world are being put out of their homes while their parents are being put in institutions before their time for sometimes triple the amount it cost to keep their own home. It is very difficult & frustrating also to know that these people who talk on their illegal communication devices control access, communication, relationships, and they only need to press a button to get a man into a flying rage. to circumstances which are not even in the room at that moment; but we do not hear how those people have been tracked down on buses trains suburbs or what programmes they are "pushing" today, perhaps, 'husband must go totally beserk with pregnant wife, and in this exchange she must be injured and humiliated'; buttons for smoking can be turned off "you must smoke! You must smoke! Smoke! Smoke ! Smoke! Of course it has to be all over the world, satellites must be reprogrammed, all components of communications equipment, and that includes guns using laser & sonar, must be investigated. In the community, the confusion about what is said in the open; out loud; bo-mekaar and what is said onder-mekaar; in secret; into people's ears(subliminally, some call it) without permission. This child is coming into a world where he is controlled by people from outside the house of the mother & father(who will have to take responsibility). To make people whole & for these new mothers to actually be seen & to see other people, the community centre for free is not there. The psychological environment is one I have described from personal experience, and the inner life & relationships of my mother, grandmother & great grandmother as well as my children is all damaged so as to have made a kind of dependence that was not necessary from people who act strong, & in some way keep, & kept the faith of "life". That is is all the children in each generation had, besides good plain fresh food & exercise, & common sense. The 300 million most probably will not touch sides, "in pills & other drugs". A lot of children are dying early all over the world, it better to create the space that is a supportive community, for people to live & die in peace, in a clean place.

    from the article: Israeli drugs panel to rule on subsidies for nicotine substitutes, more prenatal tests
    First published 02:05 23.12.12 | Last updated 01:00 23.12.12
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