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    • zionist forever
    • 26.12.10 | 17:37 (IST)

    The haredi are not taking over the country, their role in politics is no greater today than its ever been but in a more secular Israel these strange people who dress like they live in 19th century eastern Europe, who are serious about religion and some work & some dont and some serve in the army whilst others dont. They just make a good punching bag. Jews don't like arabs & arabs don't like jews and we would both like to have a country free from the other its always been that way. We are at war with the arabs hey will we always have been going back to before `948. The only way we will ever have peace is not if we create a palestinian state that will just be the end of one chapter and the begining of another but it wont bring peace. If its real peace we are looking for then we will have to officially become a binational state where jews will be a tolerated minority. Even that wont bring peace with Iran... before the revolution Israel was on good terms with Iran and then through no fault of our own after the revolution Israel & Saddam Hussain became public enemies number 1 and they wont stop developing nukes just because we create a palestinian state.We have to decide if we want to have arab recognition & acceptance do we say we surrender and agree to end our identity as a jewish state or do we keep our identity as a jewish state & accept a continued state of war? The politcal system is a mess because we have coalition government. At the last election there were 35-40 parties standing, there are 12 parties with Knesset seats 7 of those parties are in the coalition. Only 3 parties actually stand for election because they want to run the country as a whole the rest of them religious & non religious are free loaders who exist to join coalitions to gain a disproportionate amount of power and promote their causes. Currently out of 120 Knesset seats 52 belong to the single issue parties. America is not a jewish state Israel is and so what works for America will not work for Israel. If Israel was not a jewish state the arabs would be right and we would have no right to exist because the ONLY reason it was created was have a jewish state. If Israel adopted the American system where religion is something that happens behind closed doors & the state does not involve itself in anything religious what does Israel exist for? If your looking to place blame on somebody look to the arabs. In 1917 they rejected the binational state which the jews wanted & that was before zionism became ideological and there was only a small number. In 1947 they rejected 45% of mandate Palestine to create an arab state & a jewish one in which the arabs already living within the borders of the jewish state would stay as Israeli citizens. In 1967 they wanted another war. We keep making them offers and they choose war because they dont want to compromise and when they loose they moan about it say its not fair. Its Abbas who is currently refusing to talk about the creation of a state for his people. I know everybody loves to hate him but Bibi is the one calling for talks right now and Abbas is refusing so why not for once stop directing your hate at Israel and accept the arabs created this conflict and they are the only ones who can end it.

    from the article: Defining Israel by what it is not
    First published 02:25 26.12.10 | Last updated 02:25 26.12.10
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