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    • Dutch
    • 05.06.05 | 22:13 (IDT)

    Shame on the Israeli media for failing to inform the Israeli public daily about the horrors of the occupation and the settlements upon the Palestinian people and for a government who wanted to silence them. Things never work in isolation. Levy is so right -- people in the international community received more information on the occupation than the average Israelis. I lift up the great efforts of the Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups for this. I must recognize the great and extraordinary efforts of Haaretz for their daily reports; columns; Editorials and especially for columnists such as Levy and Amira and others for trying to wake up an Israeli public who seemed more intent upon sitting on the side lines or driving in the fast lane while their neighbors got hung up something for hours at checkpoints by their often insensitive soldiers. Still, there are the Israel's sins omission which have occurred during the last four years which will be recorded in the history books with all its Israeli indifference too. During the last 4 years, the Israeli army has killed 4,025 Palestinians (Israeli deaths, 1051). According to Human Rights groups most of the Palestinian victims were civilians --over 80%. Of this total number (4, 025), 866 of these unfortunate victims were innocent children. In addition, the Israeli army has injured over 28,000 Palestinians with their reckless and illegal use of shell fire, bullets and tear gas, etc., in the territories. (under the 4th Geneva Convention). 10,000 of these unfortunate victims were children. Almost 4,000 of these unfortunate victims have physical crippling injuries. (Miftah Data) According to Israeli committee against house demolitions--the Israeli army has demolished over 5,000 Palestinian homes and have left over 70,000 people homeless or displaced; bulldozed a million olive trees, and confiscated 900,000 dunums of the most fertile land along with 89 percent of the water of Palestine. Today, Palestinians are rationed on their own water. Many are thirsty as their water has been taken from them to supply the ferocious appetites of the ever expanding Israeli settlements. Settlers use 20 times more water than the Palestinians. (Palestinian Human Rights.) A recent report by the World Bank noted that almost half the Palestinian population are living below the line on barely $2 a day or less. As many as 600,000 Palestinians are unable to meet their basic needs in food, clothing and shelter to survive. Unemployment is rampant in many towns and villages due to travel restrictions, closures and curfews. Presently, Israel's illegally placed barrier which runs deep inside the Palestinian territories -- serves only to protect and enhance the Israeli settlements while disregarding and violating the human and civic rights of the Palestinian people. According to the latest UN data, over 237,000 Palestinians will be trapped between the barrier and the Green Line and another 160,000 will remain on the Palestinian side, cut off from their land and their means of a livelihood and civic and health services. Today, Israeli officials have failed to make good on their promises at the Sharm summit in February. The Israeli Ministry of Defense is now only finalizing the full hand-over of security of five Palestinian cities they promised in February. The 400 Palestinian prisoners just released are just a drop in the bucket when compared to the 7,000 Palestinian men still in Israeli detention centers. Sharon, who claims "there is no partner for peace" hasn't met Abbas since the Sharm in February. Isn't that just shame. But like Humpty Dumpty he is ready to take a terrible fall--unless he stops robbing from his neighbors in the West Bank and dismantles the illegal settlements there. That's just the right to do --to reconcile Israel's sins of omission. Dutch

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