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    • William
    • 11.09.11 | 16:33 (IDT)

    Israel has some very serious problems: 1. It has made the fatal error that Nazi Germany made when it attacked both Russia and the West simultaneously. It has made enemies with every country on its borders – east, west, north and south. Thus it is exposed to attack from every direction simultaneously. 2. The Jewish vote counts for nothing in the US because there are only 6 million Jews in a nation of 330 million people. And the 324 million others are withdrawing their support for Israel out of disgust and exhaustion. Members of Congress cannot ignore this merely to get financial support for re-election. There will be no re election for those who do ignore this electoral development. 3. Israel has done well with its rocky desert, but without US aid it is not self sustaining. Trade sanctions and reduction in aid could quickly lead to bankruptcy. I can testify to the fact that Israel is a very bad word in most of the business world. Most people that I come in contact with refuse to accept any product containing Israeli components. And it is getting much worse fast. It does not matter whether it is the result of anti Semitism or reaction to belligerent arrogance, because the result is the same. 4. Many of the 140+ nations that will support Palestinian statehood will follow this up with trade sanctions, some diplomatic restrictions, and cancellation of military cooperation. Israel can say they are all buffoons, but it does not make it so. You can count on no business in South America, the Middle East, parts of South Asia, and most of the Far East. And the world is quickly closing in on you. 5. Religion doesn’t hold much water any more. It does not matter that a Jew many centuries ago said that Jews were God’s chosen people; it does not matter that a Jew centuries ago said that God had promised them all of the Holy Land; it does not matter that the Old Testament abounds with self congratulation and admiration for Jews - because it was written by Jews. The rest of the world is Gentile and doing very nicely, thank you very much. So grabbing land because “God promised it to us” holds no water whatsoever. 6. Israel is attempting to do the exact opposite to the rest of the world. While Canada and Scandinavia prosper under multiculturalism; while the EU brings together many cultures under one umbrella; while the US professes to be a land that welcomes people from around the world, Israel is trying to restrict its territory to Jews only. In this age of globalisation it would be better to try for a more attainable goal – for example tolerance, religious freedom, and common decency. So there you have it. I have no doubt, however, that Israel will continue in its course, crying foul when anyone criticizes it and blaming anti-semitism for its ultimate failure.

    from the article: Barak: Israel must address its growing political isolation
    First published 13:33 11.09.11 | Last updated 13:33 11.09.11
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