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    • Jeff in UK
    • 14.01.12 | 12:46 (IST)

    For the benefit of the anti-Israel lobby who unfortunately target this Israeli media free speech site (as well as JP and others) I make a few factual points on the above subject. 1. The Jewish people have been the target of genocide, pogroms, inquisitions , and countless attrocities not only over the millenia, but within the lifetime and memory of many Jews living today. 2. Israel, the Biblical religious homeland of the Jewish people, created , or more accurately recreated in 1948, is the only democratic country in the Middle East where free speech is encouraged . 3. israel is surrounded by hostile Arab countries most of whom do not recognise its right to exist , regard it as 'the enemy' (even Egypt did in all post peace treaty war games), and those neighbours from near and afar , have by irrefutable fact tried to destoy Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973. 4. If there is only ONE country in the world which actually needs or deserves a nuclear DETERRENT, it is the State of Israel. 5, Iran has made it absolutely clear that Israel must be 'wiped off the map', denies the holocaust, and even states that the 'Zionist Entity's' days are 'numbered' 6. Isreal does not declare that it wishes 'death' upon another sovereign nation. 7. Why does Iran need to pursue nuclear enrichment at the cost of everything else in its economy? Its people have been denied all the benefits of its oil wealth in its pursuit of a nuclear programme which every independent body, nation and expert has asserted is not peaceful. 8. Notwithstanding Iran's oil resrves, instead of using such resources wisely for the benefit of its people, it dedicates itself to supporting a huge weapons programme, funds Hezbollah and other terrorist organisations as its proxies against Israel and as a result marginalises itself from the the vast majotity of the civilised world including most of its Moslem neighbours. 9. Iran has made no secret of its hatred of the USA and Israel, calling them 'Great Satan' and 'Littel Satan' respectively , and its detestation of Israel is so intense that it cannot even refer to Israel by name. 9 Iran is the exponent of 'Jihad' and martrdom. A nuclear armagedom, including the martyrdom of millions of moslems may not particualrly alarm a Moslem mindset which straps explosives around its children and sends them into crowded shopping malls or markets to kill maim and destroy. So if Isreal does have a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, which it may or may not have , who on earth other than those who want to destroy it, could really blame it? I challenge anyone to make a credible objective argument against any of the above points or in particular the conclusions to be drawn therefrom.

    from the article: Report: U.S. preparing for an Israeli strike on Iran
    First published 09:43 14.01.12 | Last updated 09:43 14.01.12
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