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    • karen
    • 07.03.13 | 17:57 (IST)

    These hotlines have been started all over the world. The problem is the whole of humankind not the bedouin women. Somewhere it was said that people needed to bare themselves to see the truth (last year) and the short video was made "body and soul" - and when development is spoken of it is the germination and generation of life itself - "to taste it" : Jean Piaget describes the composing of the first form of space in the the intelligence(Stern's Buccal space) pg 34 There is nothing to it. What does present a particular and truly psychological problem, in the case of the sucking reflex , is that the assimilation of objects to its activity will gradually be generalized until , at the stage of acquired circular reactions and even at the stage of intentional movements, it gives birth to a very complex and strong schema. From the end of the second month the child will suck his thumb systematically (with acquired co-ordination and not by chance), then at nearly 5 months his hands will carry all objects to his mouth and he will end by using these behaviour patterns to recognise bodies and even to compose the first form of space (Stern's "buccal space"). It is thus certain that the first assimilations relating to sucking, even if they revel a lack of differentiation between contact with the breast and contact with other objects, are not simple confusion destined to desappear with progress in nutrition, but constitute the point of departure for increasingly complex assimilations.............................The object sucked is to be conceived, not as nourishment for the organism in general, but so to speak, as aliment for the very activity of sucking, according to its various forms." Origin of Intelligence in the child - Jean Piaget. This "work" that constructs the brain and the mind biologically and intellectually is what makes us able to walk up straight, to walk and run, to judge distances, to judge weights, to take in whole pictures and analysis of pictures, that are forms we have as experience of life in our mind. The judgments of distances weights and speeds, to make our movement around a room safe are the complex calculations that an astronomer makes to send a rocket into space to take photos of earth or another space in the universe from a remote position. This is to say that each person has to develop to that point, to come to a point where each builds new relationships in this world with the environment and other people.

    from the article: Bedouin women in the Negev launch hotline for abuse victims
    First published 08:55 07.03.13 | Last updated 03:55 07.03.13
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