Israel is the one country in the Middle East that won't be having any big revolutions because it doesn't need one and there is no justification for one - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 23.02.11 | 21:54 (IST)

    The settlement movement is as strong as it ever was and the left is weakest for over a decade and showing no signs of recovery in the short tern. Sure the leftists can get a couple of hundred people out to protests now and again, the right wing could get people out in the thousands if they felt strongly about something, certainly the settlement movement can get people out in those numbers. The government wants NGOS to be transparent about their funding which is good for democracy. These groups are not elected and they exist to try influence the policy of the elected government. So financial openness is good for democracy. Bibi and even Liberman accept the idea of two states what is not agreed on is the best way to deal with it because Israel has no intention on letting the palestinians give a list of demands and we say you got it. Its also Abbas who has been refusing to talk. Who cares what some nobody British novelist has said or how much money has given. He has no political influence in the world he is just a rich individual. J Street is like Peace Now they hold protests hold the odd stunt but that's the limit of their influence. National governments are not interested in them individuals are and J Street cannot change Israeli government policy. Collage campusses are a melting pot of people with different political views wherever you are in the world so the fact Berkley has some people with a progressive view means nothing. Many liberal European countries as well as the US all called the Goldstone report a shambles so Goldstone is not exactly an honerable individual. Har Homa has a population of around 20,000 so not exactly a small settlement is it? What exactly does the fact there is now a gay judge got to do with anything? Israel has always been very accepting of homosexuals .. Nitzan Horowitz a Meretz MK is openly gay so there are gays in positions of power in Israel the fact there is a gay judge is no big deal and the settlers don't care about it. They are not anti homosexual they just want to build homes for jews and trying to compare the idea of a gay judge to settlers only makes your arguments look desperate and clutching at straws. I know how the left are desperate for Israel to have a revolution but the reality is its not going to happen because its a democracy already and if you don't like the Liberman's then you get your revolution on election day no need to take to the streets.

    from the article: In Israel, the revolution has already begun
    First published 17:20 23.02.11 | Last updated 17:20 23.02.11
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