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    • ImmanuelKant
    • 14.12.10 | 13:05 (IST)

    I absolutely do not understand how Israel has for decades let the out-and-out lie of "you stole their land" spread completely unchallenged. This despite the fact that the charge is easily (and completely) refuted by the documented, historical record. Forget the Bible, I'm talking modern history. The Jews who came in the late 1800's and early 1900's bought the land they settled on. And during World War I, they settled land that had been abandoned by Ottomans who were in the process of being totally defeated. Despite the innumerable cycles of mass murders by Arab interlopers who arrived only AFTER the Jews built the land and the economy, the Jews achieved sufficient numbers to create their own state. What country wasn’t started by migrations of people at some time??? Or does international law explicitly state that Jews are strictly prohibited from emigration? Then in 1948, Israel was invaded by five FOREIGN ARAB armies, who had no (absolutely no) legitimacy in their invasion, and whose explicit goal was genocide of the Jewish people. But Israel won. Where is the theft in that????? In 1967, basically a repeat, only Israel’s legitimate sovereignty is even better established. Jordan had absolutely no legitimate basis for stealing sovereignty of the West Bank. So how is it possible that the successors, the self-called Palestinians, have any greater sovereignty than the Jordanian thieves who want to give it to them??? The net of all of this is that Israel has an absolute right to keep sovereignty over as much of the West Bank as Israel chooses to keep, with the residents becoming Israeli citizens automatically. It’s a very simple solution for Israel to draw the lines of a future Palestinian state so that 90% of the self-titled Palestinians reside there, and the remaining land becomes a part of the sovereign state of Israel, with another 200,000 self-called Palestinians made Israeli citizens by virtue of their residing on the land that becomes part of Israel. No drawn out negotiations. Just do it. And then if Israel new "neighbor" prepare for war against Israel, Israel should invade first and destroy their capacity for making war, much as Russia has done in Ossetia, the US in Iraq, Britain in the Falklands, etc. etc. etc. Problem solved.

    from the article: Instead of befriending neo-fascists, Israel should make peace
    First published 02:02 14.12.10 | Last updated 02:02 14.12.10
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