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    • Michael
    • 10.10.10 | 20:11 (IST)

    I don't understand why many hyper-liberals and ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) cannot accept Israel as a "Jewish" state. Not an ultra-orthodox, orthodox, conservative, reform, reconstructionist, hassidic Jewish state but a Jewish state for ALL Jews and those who want to live there. Isn't the Vatican - Catholic? Isn't Albania - Muslim? Israel IS a Jewish state. Also, why don't hyper-liberals have a problem with all the Christian and Muslim countries who are de-facto theocratic states. Throughout Europe, "culture" is synonymous with "Christianity" (Christmas is a national holiday in every European and North American country)and Muslims make no bones about the supremecy of Islam when they are in the majority. If any of these countries would be challenged and/or "endangered" by a sizeable minority (as what is going on throughout Europe) any and all methods are employed to maintain the culturally Christian nature of that country (i.e the Netherlands, exclusion of Turkey in the EU). In Lebanon, in the Palestinian territories, Iran, Egypt etc... Christians have either been driven out by force or through the introduction of restrictions on their rights and/or economic opportunities. As an American, I am constantly required to swear my allegiance to the US. What is wrong with that? If I can't accept the founding principles of the country in which I am living- then maybe I should live in another country? I feel this problem with the law requiring only non-Jews to swear allegiance to Israel arises with Jews NOT having to swear allegiance to Israel. Politically, Netanyahu keeps eroding the rights of most Israelis by pandering to the ultra-orthodox (haredi) and in an indirect way, to hyper-liberal Israeli Jews who also hold no allegiance to Israel. We all need to move to the center to ensure the Jewish nature of Israel. It is the responsibility of ALL Jewish Israelis and those who want to enjoy the priveleges of living in Israel, to protect and defend the only Jewish state - Israel. We only have one!

    from the article: The Jewish Republic of Israel
    First published 01:21 10.10.10 | Last updated 01:21 10.10.10
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