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    • John
    • 01.06.10 | 21:51 (IDT)

    Quite clearly the Hamas Media war is more successful than the their military war. Yet Israel keeps on being identified as the naughty schoolboy caught out holding the can. Israel needs to get a bit smarter with regard to its operations against Hamas operatives, and to use different methods against them. It also needs to stop falling into the trap of confronting the military machine that is Hamas and Hezbollah who indiscriminately expoloit foreign ideologue civilians who inexperienced have no consideration for their lives or those around them, are exploited as cannon fodder for brutish terrorists, or their exploitation people seeking martyrdom or personal media statements harboring misguided political/ self sacrifice . Israels soldiers are also civilians , yet Hamas militants and their families and political friends armed to the teeth quite happily exploit the vulnerability of their supporters as human shields against Israel, and use propagandists to misrepresent and lie about Israel actions of self defence in the hope of swaying public opinion Currently they do that very successfully. Israel surely has to be a bit smarter about the murderous intent of Hamas and Hezbollah who are building up to another (nuclear armed) war at the time of their choosing who wish to destroy Israel and not live in peace. The reason for their exclusion from diplomacy is that they provide no solution to peace but just an obstacle. This must be repeated to the world until it sinks in. Hezbollah and Hamas are the enemies of peaceful resolution of the Middle east conflict. They also seek a nuclear threat against Israel as soon as they can. Israels military needs to change its strategy so that the indiscriminate use of civilians against Israel defence forces is not exploited , rather their actions bring misery to all peace desiring people prolonging the conflict to ever greater loss of life.

    from the article: Palestinians: Three killed in IDF strike on Gaza rocket-launching cell
    First published 09:47 01.06.10 | Last updated 09:47 01.06.10
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