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    • Kosovan
    • 14.03.12 | 10:40 (IST)

    Very well said and I apprise the author of the article, sometimes it is necessary to simplify things in order to be more comprehensive. - serbia is not a new country or nation, its a country/nation which has been proven to be very aspiring in annexing lands and territories. It is clearly stated in their Academy of Arts and Sciences, supported by the church and the government, that the Serbian nation has to be dominant and acquire more territories with intention on access to the Hot Waters. - Kosovo was never part of serbia until 1913. Let me bring some light onto this: Serbia declared its independence from Ottoman empire on 1807 (if Im not wrong). The territory that bordered Serbian territory at that time was very small with today's territory. On 1875 the serbian state blessed by the church performed a big scale genocide on indigenous population there. The plan wa to displace thousand and thousands of Albanians from their lands, starting from Nis heading south - southwest of this city (about 100km) pushing the indigenous population towards today Kosovo location. (ref see Ottoman archives). Also today's Vojvodina was not a part of serbia it was gifted after 2nd world war to serbia. After the defeat of the Ottoman empire in the eastern front in early 1900, a conference of ambassadors was held in London 1913 and practically put Kosovo under serbian administration until 1999 when last serbian soldier left Kosovo forever. In regards to the OLD Churches that are today present in Kosovo and are claimed to be serbian (not new ones starting 1913 and after) are not serbian at all. If you see the structure.architecture of the monasteries and churches and compare to the same ones in the rest of the serbian territory you will find that the architecture and the building style of them is totally different. During the second world war many of the Jewish people that has been killed in serbia was performed with the blessing of the serbian king and the sebian church and accomplished by the "FAMOUS" General Draza Mihajlovic the one that is being accommodated as hero in the todays history of serbia. Many Jewish families seek sanctuary among the Albanians in Kosovo and Albania and many of them have been saved - where todays grandchildren of those families are still remembering. I mentioned that because my grandfather was one of those who did that noble act. With hopes that serbian nation will change one day.

    from the article: Israel, between Serbia and Kosovo
    First published 02:02 13.03.12 | Last updated 02:02 13.03.12
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