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    • Nathan
    • 19.12.05 | 20:43 (IST)

    The WMD is in these stupid Israeli generals brain or should I say lack of it. Them generals are more likely colluded to deceive the U.S. and have the U.S. eliminate Sadam for them and their paranoia. Now (at least) 30,000 Iraqi?s dead later and 2000 Americans, these generals sleep well at night. I would also suggest that a lot of this war is about Israel, and a pressure from Sharon and his henchmen in the U.S. prevented from the Democrats to voice loudly their opposition to the war. Note the following: In an interview Larry King conducted with Sean Penn who opposes the war, he asked and I quote: ?What if neighbors are under threat, neighbors that we care about? What if Israel is under threat?? My point is that how come that such question raised at all, as on the surface the war was about WMD and/or regime change and nothing about ?poor and innocent Israel?. Many Americans already suspect of Israeli involvement, and that put an unjustified blemish on American Jews. Israel and it?s generals do not give a damn about the implication on American Jews. According to poles conducted before the war around 55% of American Jews objected the war (compare with only around 25% of the general public), and Israeli involvement make them look bad. Having said all of the above unless these generals insisted that the war is a ?must not? (must not ? a point worthwhile thinking of i.e. what would have happened if Israel insisted that the war is not necessary would it still taken place), the war would have taken place anyway because Bush has already made up his mind regardless intelligence. Another question is: Where did Bush get his idea of regime change. A potential hint: Remember 1982 Lebanon and the notion of a regime change there? Is that conceivable that the same person who came with the notion then exported the idea of regime change to Bush? If one day someone makes a movie about the Iraqi war he can have the Israeli generals as the village idiots. The only problem is that such movie may need only 5-6 village idiots while generals there are in Abundant.

    from the article: Two wrongs don't make a right
    First published 00:00 18.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 18.12.05
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