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    • Mark Jeffery Koch
    • 05.02.12 | 16:50 (IST)

    Sadly, Israel knows only how to use force, and refuses to negotiate seriously with any of its enemies. Israel bombed Lebanon, then Gaza, and is now threatening to bomb Iran and is busy calling the U.S. President an enemy of Israel because he does not want to see the entire region ignite in a needless conflagration that will take the lives of thousands of innocent people. Israel cannot destroy the nuclear capacity or the desire for it by the Iranians. The Iranians, as far back as when the Shah was in power, coveted nuclear weapons. A war with Iran will cause the current opposition to the Iranian government to fail and the people of Iran will rally to their government, irregardless of how oppressive it is. What people will accept their scientists being murdered, military bases being attacked, and billions of dollars in investment in nuclear capacity destroyed by a country a thousand miles from its land? What government in the Middle East will accept the premise that only one nation, Israel, is allowed to have nuclear weapons? What gives Israel the right to tell every other country in the Middle East that only Israel is allowed to have these weapons? Israel's current government abuses the memory of the Holocaust to justify everything they do, whether it is starting a war with Iran that will cost thousands of people their lives and drive the worldwide economy into the ground, or whether it is their refusal to seriously negotiate with the Palestinians an end to their conflict with Israel. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Obama cannot save Israel and there is no American running for President that can save Israel if he were elected. Israel's leaders are leading the country into the abyss and until the people of Israel stop electing people like Netanyahu and Lieberman Israel will never know peace and only know endless conflict and peace will never come to Israel from bombs dropped from a plane.

    from the article: Israeli warnings on Iran war are more than empty threats
    First published 02:48 05.02.12 | Last updated 02:48 05.02.12
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