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Bennett throws PM ultimatum over West Bank tenders

Habayit Hayehudi chairman warns Netanyahu: Unfreeze settlement building or we'll destabilize coalition.

Jerusalem intifada could spark West Bank fire

After Wednesday's terrorist attack that killed a 3-month old baby, the public may finally pay attention to the violence bubbling in Jerusalem for months.

IDF chief Benny Gantz, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Min. Moshe Ya'alon.
Israel has become complacent on the battlefield, too

Yes, we have high-tech; terrific high-tech. And we have the resources to finance a large, awkward, tired army. But we don’t have the creative bravado and the national discipline that typified us in the past.

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Ebola and us: Why fear is something to fear itself

As pandemics go, Ebola is a midget, but its potential for instilling panic could have economic ramifications for Israel and the developed world far in excess of its death toll.