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    • zionist forever
    • 23.11.11 | 13:43 (IST)

    WE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE AMERICA - if thats the case explain why we have a European style political system which is based on coalition government. MILITARY MIGHT - that has nothing to do with wanting to be America its about protecting ourselves from neighbors who don't want us here. BIG MONEY - isn't that what most people want i, I know the socialists prefer the idea of everybody being much poorer and the state doing much more for us but most people want the freedoms money can buy rather than a socialist planned economy where we are all equal. Just look at the Kibutz movement after just 3 generations. In the begining people didn't even own the shirts on their own back the clothes all came from a central store and the shirt somebody is wearing on Sunday might be worn by somebody else on Monday and they didn't get paid anything. Today just 2 generations removed from back then The Kibutzim as private businesses, members no only get paid but they get paid according to their proffesion... a laborer will not get paid as much as a teacher etc and now they can even BUY their own home from the Kibutz. If socialism can't even survive on the Kibutz then what chance does it have of surviving at a national level? ONE PARTY STATE WHO IS NATIONALIST AND RELIGIOUS AT THE CORE. The problem in this country is European politics, in the current Knesset there are 14 parties and I imagine there will be more next election with Yair Lapid. Between those 14 parties only 3 of them are mainstream and those 3 mainstream parties the rest are single issue parties who exist to join coalitions to promote their own pet cause and right now just 68 out of 120 seats, ( nearly 50% ) are in the hands of single issue parties. This countries problem is democracy has been taken to an extreme by having so many parties and the result is counter productive. In other countries when somebody wants to get into politics they join the party that suits their ideology best in this country you want to get involved in politics don't quite like any of the others so start your own and split the vote and if you can get about 10 seats you have gone from being a nobody who has never been involved in politics before into being a government minister overnight. In most countries where there is no president the power is all in the hands of the PM and his cabinet not just Israel and governments are given a mandate to govern, the laws they pass might not always be popular but we gave they the authority to make those laws they didn't steal power in some way. What this country needs is a cross between the British and American systems. We need 3 - 4 parties and the party that wins the most seats gets to run the country alone for a fixed period of time. MKS would be directly elected by the public rather than a European style party list. We should also have a second elected chamber which is a cross between the unelected British House of Lords and the US Senate. Elect the second chamber but rather than the 2 years Senators serve make it more like 5-6 and they should be independent of party politics. The president himself whilst remaining a figurehead should be elected, For the first 50+ years this country was socialist through and through over the past 10 years or so, mainly thanks to Bibi's actions as Sharon's finance minister socialism has been pretty much killed off and whats emerging from its ashes is a western free market economy which is like a crime against humanity to the people who still see the old days where government ran everything for us as a golden age but it is the future.

    from the article: In pursuit of American-style democracy, Israel lost its way
    First published 02:17 23.11.11 | Last updated 02:17 23.11.11
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