is Bibi 2013 same as Ben Gurion 1956 ???? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 28.05.13 | 17:42 (IDT)

    In 1956 Egypt took delivery of the first fighter jets in the region Israel along with everybody else was using ex WW2 prop planes which were no match for jets. Then Nasser nationalised the British & French owned Suez Canal and they wanted it back and they asked Ben Gurion to help, an Israeli attack and British & French warships would come to save the day and at the same time take the canal back. Great thinks Ben Gurion because he now has an excuse to go destroy the Egyptian jets before their pilots have learned how to use them and as a sweetener France has even thrown in some jets and a nuclear reactor. So we carried out what was effectively a preemptive strike because we would have been no match for Egypt otherwise and nobody in the west was interested in selling Israeli jet fighters at that time. Bfore Suez we didn't have good relations with France & England after they were our best buddies and arms suppliers up until 1967. Fast forward to 2013 maybe Bibi will do a Ben Guron and destroy the S-300 before Assads people learn how to use them. In 1973 the Egypian and Syrian airforces had been destroyed but Israel could not advance because they had recently taken delivery anti aircraft missiles and were shooting down Israeli jets. If the S-300 becomes operational in Syria we will no longer be able to destroy arms convoys and should things heat up between Israel and Syria that results to all out war whilst the IAF can shoot down the Syrian jets with no problem the S-300 can be a major obstacle for us making any progress whilst Assad could potentially firing missiles at Israel. There is of course the Hezbollah risk and if Assad falls and they got their hands on the S-300 they could shoot down Israeli fighters and civilian planes it they wanted. We would have to wait till Assad formerly takes delivery because otherwise its declaring war with Russia but before Assads people learn how to use them properly. So will Bibi be the next Ben Gurion and destroy enemy weapons before they learn how to use them or will he be the next Golda and sit around do nothing whilst the enemy arms and prepares for war so when war comes Israel will look like the victim trouble is the vicitm image means heavy casualties on our part. Golda was a PM to be ashamed of just hope Bibi turns out to be one we can be proud of.

    from the article: Diplomat: Russia to arm Syria regime with anti-aircraft missiles to prevent foreign intervention
    First published 22:27 28.05.13 | Last updated 14:38 28.05.13
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