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    • Jaques
    • 07.11.12 | 11:59 (IST)

    If Irving denied WW1 had ever taken place no one would give a toss...and 100 million died in it to profit those who financed it. The lies about WW11 are legion and Irving has at least researched it unlike most politically correct shock horror vilification neurotics who like to sit on their ignorance and point the finger. Not one can justify 6million just as none can justify 10,000 rockets.but they mantra it as though they do. Millions have been murdered and tortured and dispossessed by Israel and for Israel by USA and they get a cheer-on int their genocide from the west..Research who createwd financed and executed 60 million to 100 million in the Russian revolution. People can slag off the Vatican all day and tell appalling liesabout the catholic church, national socialism, betraying jewsand so on when in fact the Vatican saved more jews than all the rest put together .The 'holocaust' as it is called was a small proportion of those who died or were killed in camps and in forests and in special why should people including Irving not have mixed feelings, develop arguments as documents are released that are hidden to maintain indoctrination?...Do you have any idea where the'6 million figure arose"?...then why prosecute someone who at least looked into it. Irving is a very lucid historian....and the "holocaust was only a tiny part of the WW11 debace...victims yes but research the years before WW11 and get an idea of what was going on. You'll see from "Jews against Zionism" for example that the old order was betrayed by the New....I don't deny a pogrom or atrocity occurred to the jews or anyone else however thse numbers like "5.5 to 6 million" should not be taken as "6 million" could be more or it could be less. If you read the history of the USS Liberty you will find SS Gestapo tactics being employed to murder 1000 egyptians as the Liberrty was being attacked in a false flag operation by Israeli unmarked airplanes...why? false flag Egypt. The Egyptians?...sorry I forgot...some were lain down and run over by tanks...the others dug trenches and were executed into them by whom? Israel's IDF....

    from the article: Holocaust denier David Irving returns to England from Austrian jail
    First published 00:00 22.12.06 | Last updated 00:00 22.12.06
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