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    • MacAbee
    • 27.10.12 | 12:26 (IST)

    As a Scottish Jew I found this article pretty disappointing. It seems to portray Scotland's Jews as some kind of amorphous apathetic grouping who have no real engagement with the most important thing to happen to their country in 300 years. Personally I have supported Independence my whole life. I have no affinity with the UK as a state. It just seems obvious to me that Scotland's affairs should be governed by the people of Scotland. I'm proud that Scotland has never expelled it's Jews nor had pogroms against them. Yes you can find anti-semitism, racism, islamophobia etc here but it is, thankfully, rare. Far right parties and movements have consistently failed to gain any significant ground in Scotland when compared to the rest of the UK, never mind the rest of Europe. The SNP is a very multicultural party that has a far more progressive position on immigration, for example, than Labour, the Tories or the Lib Dems. To portray them or the wider independence movement as inherently prejudiced is absurd. As a Jew in Scotland I would expect to hear "How Scottish are you?" probably less than any other diaspora Jew would be asked their allegiance. It's not happened yet in 39 years. For one of your contributors to describe the SNP as "restricting themselves to propaganda and signposts in Gaelic that no one really needs." is a ridiculous statement. Whether you support them or not they are the government of Scotland and as such are responsible for matters such as healthcare, the environment and education to name but a few. Such a condescending tone towards Gaelic reminds me of attitudes to Yiddish and even Hebrew in the not too distant past. Don't let this article fool you that Scottish Jews don't care, they do. I'm sure there are those who would defend the Union with great passion as well but I'll let them struggle with that one themselves.

    from the article: Jews on Scottish independence: More faintheart than Braveheart
    First published 11:13 26.10.12 | Last updated 11:13 26.10.12
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