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    • Ron Brydges
    • 13.04.10 | 16:34 (IDT)

    Iranian Roadmap to Peace The Iranian nuclear development program has become a major issue of world concern. There has been a lot of scary official statements and western media talk, about the possible necessity for undertaking military action against Iran over fears that they may be planning to develop a nuclear arms capability because of their ambitious uranium enrichment program. Iran claims this uranium enrichment is being undertaken only for peaceful purposes. The impasse is straining relations between world powers. If one were to put ones self in the minds of the Iranians, and you hear all this threatening talk from western powers lead by the United States, you might be a little or a whole lot concerned. Couple this with repeated statements that if Iran does not comply with western demands to curtail uranium enrichment, Israel might undertake a (preemptive) military attack on its own. Pronouncements out of Israel reinforce this possibility. Israel, is a nuclear armed country that has, in recent times, repeatedly flaunted international law and attacked neighbouring countries, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon (twice) and most recently Palestine's, Gaza Strip. They did this with seeming impunity while Iran has not attacked anybody since the Persian days of old. But it is Iran, not Israel, which the U.S and its western allies express as no less than a threat to Global security. The Peace movement, and much of the world, is rightly alarmed with the militarism being exhibited towards Iran by the U.S., together with Israel and other western powers. Some reflect on the similarities with the run-up to the illegal and horrifically destructive U.S. invasion of Iraq. This must never happen again. There must be an ?other than war? solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. Last year the United Nations Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution, moved by Iran, calling for Nuclear Disarmament. Also last year, the United States ushered through the UN Security Council a nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation treaty which Obama hailed as a historic resolution to rid the world of nuclear weapons. A peaceful resolution of the Iranian crisis can be achieved through dialogue leading to Israel and Iran reaching and signing a nuclear arms agreement. This agreement would commit the Iranians to peaceful nuclear development only and, the Israelis, in turn, giving up their nuclear weaponry. Understanding Iranian fears, there is every reason to believe the Iranians would willingly give up any intentions to develop a nuclear bomb if Israel would give up its nuclear arsenal; all under U.N. surveillance. Of course, it is unlikely Israel will willingly accept such an agreement, even if this would allay Israeli fears of a nuclear armed Iran and end the threat to Global security that the West seemingly believes Iran poses. But the world powers can assuredly force Israel's compliance if they are prepared to undertake the same soft power against Israel that the U.S. has encouraged and enacted against Iran ? namely cutting off financial and military aid, imposing a trade embargo and sanctions, freezing bank accounts, etc. Israel, being very dependent on U.S. support, would have to comply. An Iranian and Israelis nuclear disarmament agreement would be a win for both nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament. It would be celebrated by the civilized world and could lead to other Middle East peace initiatives. Bringing this about poses a challenge of will for all countries and peoples wanting to avert military conflict and see a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear crisis. How can we make it happen? Ron Brydges

    from the article: Turkey: World is turning a blind eye to Israel's nuclear weapons
    First published 16:49 11.04.10 | Last updated 17:31 11.04.10
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