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Olmert arrives to hear his verdict at the Jerusalem District Court, May 25, 2015.

Olmert handed 8 months jail time for Talansky affair

Former prime minister was found guilty in March of unlawfully accepting money from American supporter Moshe Talansky.

Syrian government soldiers who were captured by ISIS militants in the Palmyra area

Syria air force targets ISIS-siezed Palmyra

Regime forces carry out some 15 air strikes in and around the ancient city.

ISIS fighters in a street of Ramadi the day after ISIS captured it.

Homs is likely to be ISIS's next great temptation

As with the takeover of Ramadi, the conquest of Palmyra is part of a regional strategy to connect the Iraqi and Syrian fronts into a single entity.

Obama and Netanyahu at the White House, May 20, 2011.

Obama 'punishes' apartheid Israel

With one hand the hypocritical president condemns Israel, and with the other he signs a deal to supply it with arms.