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Clinton in Hanover, New Hampshire, July 3, 2015.

Clinton 'alarmed' over calls for Israel boycott

In a letter to Israeli-American businessman and donor Haim Saban, Democratic presidential front-runner urges bi-partisan action to counter attempts to 'delegitimize Israel.'

Palestinian girl stands near residential buildings that witnesses said were damaged by Israel.

Life in the ruins of post-war Gaza

SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: It was a hardscrabble existence in Gaza even before last summer’s war.

Jim Obergefell, left, man behind the landmark Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, hugs Jeff Sigler.

Dreaming big after the Supreme Court decision

After the historic same-sex marriage decision, U.S. LGBT Jewish leaders weigh in on the next ostensibly impossible goal.

Morning after Greek referendum

An Israeli socialist defends the Greeks' choice

The rule of the people, or of capital? This is the great question of our time. Greece this week gave its answer.