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It's crunch time for PM as coalition deadline looms

Lieberman's resignation threw a monkey wrench into the works, but chances are that Netanyahu will squeak by with a 61-member government.

Don't advocate for Israel until you've done this

Whatever your politics, you should know this: These soldiers and the people of Breaking the Silence are Israeli patriots. They are advocating for Israel.

Reporter recounts injury at Ethiopian-Israeli demo

It had been a mistake, CCTV's Stephanie Freid now realizes, to cover the Tel Aviv demonstration without taking along the gear she keeps on hand for hostile environments such as Syria, Libya or Ukraine.

Islamist anti-Semitism: Holocausts past and potential

In lending anti-Semitism false religious legitimacy, faith-illiterate Muslims are beguiled into to accepting anti-Semitism as Islamic creed – this is a grave distortion.