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In nuclear talks, Iran isn’t the only one being tested

Many will wonder how extending the talks between the world powers and Iran can bridge ‘significant gaps’ on the latter’s nuclear program. The answer lies in the dynamics that will develop over coming months.

The irony: Israel is the sorriest to see Hagel go

But it was his lackluster performance during his Israel-focused Senate confirmation hearings that sowed the seeds of Hagel’s downfall.

Trashed papers from Eichmann trial up for auction

Documents include affidavit signed by then-Foreign Minister Golda Meir and prosecution correspondence about Eichmann’s body language.

Why is a black-and-white kaffiyeh like a red flag?

When worn by an Arab MK, the traditional Arab headdress – both a symbol of the Palestinian struggle and a popular fashion element – enraged MK Miri Regev. She forgot that even David Ben-Gurion once wore one.