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The UN Human Rights Council.

UNHRC adopts resolution condemning Israel

Resolution condemns Israel's targeting of innocents but completely ignores Hamas rocket fire; Netanyahu: Council neither interested in facts nor human rights.

For America's founders, the Bible often served as much more than inspiration.

The Zionist aspects of the American Revolution

On its 239th birthday, the U.S. continues to favor the reconstituted Jewish state, perhaps because it once cast itself in the very same role.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Secretary of State John Kerry. 2014
Has the world turned against Israel because of Gaza?

SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: Israel’s international credit is depleted, public opinion has turned hostile and prospects of boycott loom larger than ever.

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Illustration by Amos Biderman.

What would bring Sayed Kashua back to Israel?

It's not necessarily linked to the occupation or issues of equality.