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    • Kyle
    • 26.03.12 | 03:53 (IST)

    If Israel doesn't bomb Iran within the next 3-5 months, they simply run the risk of becoming extinct. It's a shame that any part of global society should even have to 'stress' such a nightmare scenario. Things are much different here in America. If you take a piece of our pie, then we are going to take all your lunch money for the following week. If Ahmadinejad would've EVER threatened the United States like he did Israel, America would've followed through with a massive scaled aerial bombardment; rather nuclear facilities or not. I find this somewhat hypocritical on the United States part considering the extensive measures that have been taken to keep Israel from attacking Iran. With that said, it is obvious that somewhere, there yet remains U.S. interests in the region. With the fall of so many dictatorships in the recent past, I believe Israel is wasting a prime opportunity to make some major changes in the region; for good of course. That window is increasingly becoming ever smaller while the international community continues to turn a 'blind eye' towards the Iranian conflict. Iranian influence has continued to gain ground all around Israeli boarders and with the crumbling of such countries as Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Syria; this rising concern only grows more volatile. If Iran is not dealt with sooner rather than later then there should be no surprises when those once sovereign countries pledge their allegiance to the radical theocracy in old Persia. A simple example of such a situation may be seen and understood if you ask Americans about Iraq. A country that once despised Iran and kept their lethal ambitions in check, after loosing their dictator, Hussein; the country, in the face of new leadership, has befriended the Iranian regime. The United States no longer has any significant presence in Iraq and the boundaries for Iran have extended into those territories. Especially those geographical areas surrounding the northern border of Iraq/Iran where Iranian activity has always been present. In a sense, the Iraqi war only reinforced Iranian military idealism. This is something that Israel simply cannot afford. With the approaching elections in the United States (which is in the winter), Israel can all but forget about any significant American support. It is urgent that action is taken quickly and that Israelis dismiss their 'false hopes' of peace whenever Iran issues yet another stalling ploy. Something needs to be done; something MUST be done; something WILL be done to address this crisis.

    from the article: Poll: Most Jewish Israelis say Iran strike less risky than nuclear threat
    First published 01:06 26.03.12 | Last updated 01:06 26.03.12
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