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    • Hakim Ali
    • 19.09.05 | 14:41 (IDT)

    Intelligent Darwinism By Hakim Ali It seems both sides of the evolution debate have sworn an oath to never meet in the middle, regardless of the great potential for such a compromise to hold water. To assume that the universe is shaped in our vision is immodest. To suggest that things exist only when they can be measured by our mediocre measuring devices is equally immodest, considering what we know today about the evolution of science and discovery with all the embarrassing trials and mistakes. Let us not forget that earth was considered flat at some point in the not so distant history. By the same token, to suggest that God has a duty to reveal to his creatures the details of his grand designs smacks of grand arrogance. God does not owe any explanations beyond whatever he revealed to us. Some say the universe was created in 7 days. Muslims, for example, agree that those were not seven human days. What transpired during those 7 heavenly days could be what the Darwinists call natural evolution. God never meant his holy books to be books on physics, geology, archeology, or biology. And nor do we yet posses the full understanding of the nature of the building blocks of life, as evident by our constant discoveries and corrections to past understandings of life's workings. As we subdivide mass into far more smaller objects, we may also discover far more greater objects than the universe, boasting other "intelligent" systems. Life is possibly just one of many complex systems, some visible and spherical in shape and movement, others more complex and thrive on a critical balance of temperature, light, and minerals. And then there are systems that we can't see with the human eye but we can measure their impact on their surroundings, such as energy. To suggest that this is all there is in the universe is inaccurate. We know by now that the world does not revolve around us and does not exist only when we see or measure it. Today, it's considered common knowledge that we can grow complex living organisms from a microscopic genetic sequence. Why not accept that there is a Heavenly Genetic Sequence describing ours and possibly other universes. And just as we can take a microscopic genetic sequence and grow it into a full living creature, we may one day come across a universal code, a formula if you will, that is built into every universal building block, a formula far more complex than a genetic sequence of human beings and far less "tangible" for us humans at the present to measure using our primitive measuring devices. This heavenly sequence could be another attribute of God. (read part II)

    from the article: The absurdity of intelligent design
    First published 00:00 19.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.09.05
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