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    • Lebanese
    • 03.07.10 | 14:01 (IDT)

    first of all,who authroized the UN patrol to investigate any security incident in any southern village?is the UN trying to replace the lebanese army and police? the UN itself is trying to violate lebanese sovereignty.the civilians were right.the UN should know they are peace-keepers and it was the conflict with the israelis that brought them into lebanon;not civilian gunshots.also,if the UN is there on an observing mission,there would be no problem.but any attempt by the UN to be an israeli police/agent on lebanese soil,will put them into deep mud. besides,the UN is a complete joke.why didnt ban talk of the israeli military presence close to the border?when are the israelis going to disarm?he didnt tell us that.lebanese civilians are also threatened by israeli force.they have suffered the most under israeli deliberate fire targetting them in any conflict.or when is the UN going to call for the international community to supply the lebanese army with nuclear weapons and planes to counter the israeli violations? if you dont want hezbollah to resist occupation and violations of lebanon's sovereignty,i believe ban should help rally the international community to supply lebanon with lethal power that can put the israelis in their right place.lebanon also have strong men with "big balls" in the army.the lebanese army doesnt need fire-crackers.they need planes and submarines and long-range rockets.give it to them and avoid hezbollah.plane simply. this moron ki-moon,forgot the lebanese shepherds that have been kidnapped by the israelis regularly.he mentioned the violations of lebanese airspace,but he forgot to mention that the israeli soldiers cross the blue line regularly to kidnap lebanese civilians.who will protect those poor civilians? where is ki-moon? and most importantly,ban have totally turned a blind eye to the fact that the israelis are planning to steal lebanon's oil and gas.they are now preparing to violate lebanon's sovereignty in a new way-violation of lebanese waters to steal energy resources. the world better wake-up! the israelis know well that you cant do these thing with lebanon and expect a smooth will not happen and it cant happen.

    from the article: UN chief warns Israel-Lebanon tension could lead to new conflict
    First published 08:35 03.07.10 | Last updated 08:35 03.07.10
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