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    • Malik Nouman
    • 15.11.12 | 14:39 (IST)

    first thing Pakistan has nothing to do with Obama or anyone else who could have been elected as all the U.S presidents have been the same in accordance to the foreign policies like always, we should be the least worried people about the U.S elections because Obama aint the president of Pakistan. Secondly according to what i have seen in many blogs is that the white people seem to be unable to digest a black man coming in to power and the hate remarks said it all, many of the readers out there would already be aware of that fact and could be the onces who did so themselves. third thing Pakistan has been the biggest ally of the U.S in this so called war of terror, Pakistani air bases are still being used for such purposes till this day and over 11000 innocent people have died in Pakistan because Pakistan helped the U.S to fight their war. I had never ever witnessed a single suicide bombing happening anywhere in Pakistan before 9/11, it was a reaction towards our innocent people from taliban for helping U.S, we lost more innocent men, women & children helping fight a war which wasn't even ours. I feel very bad when the U.S still stays unsatisfied and uses bad remarks about our country. the burning of U.S flags as you mentioned is a certain response of that pain. i've heard many people talk about U.S giving aid to Pakistan, well we wouldn't have needed that aid if the U.S hadn't involved us in that war and asked for our co-operation, we never received such aid before 9/11, though this aid still can't repent the heavy losses and the unstability in our country we are still facing till this day, while people in the U.S have their lives back on track. fourth thing not only me but all the pakistanis are against the drone attacks because they not only some times but always kills the innocent along with the evil. If you are bombing a populated area where familys live, how can u aviod the innocent family that might be living in the next flat of where the terrorists are hiding, nor we are magicians that we know that there are a bunch of terrorists hiding in an adjesent flat or a house, the bomb dropped by the drone is not so intelligent either to keep the innocent off the impact, land forces could be used to over come this issue then why drones? we ain't stopping the U.S from their objective, we just want a better way out, as we are as much blood and flesh as anyone. all such articles and hate oriented blogs are creating a misunderstanding between common people which im afraid might have very bad long term affects and could possibly turn allys in to enemies in the coming time. when we the people of Pakistan have shown such patience and generosity, we look for a little appreciation instead of hate driven criticism.

    from the article: In U.S. election, only Israel and Pakistan would have voted against Obama
    First published 20:24 07.11.12 | Last updated 20:24 07.11.12
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