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    • liane
    • 14.12.05 | 00:56 (IST)

    dear whoever you are, if israel had to follow your 4 easy step solution to the middle east: 1: Israel should declare her willingess to withdraw from the territories occupied in 1967 including East Jerusalem, in return for full peace with the Palestinians. 2: Israel should express her willingess to solve the refugee plight in a just and equitable manner. 3: Israel should express her willingess to terminate irreversibly all aggressive designs against Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Turkey. 4: Israel should declare her willingness to dispose of her nuclear arsenal and agree to make the entire Middle East a nuclear-free zone. it sounds so perfect and simple, yet since the early 1900's the surrounding arabs states of israel/palestine have done nothing more than vocalise their hatred for the existence of a jewish state. let me remind you of the opportunities the palestineans refused to accept: 1. 1947 - UN Partition plan for Palestine. The Palestineans flatly refused the offer as did most arab countries, while the Jews accepted. They were given pieces of the land with a jewish majority at the time. 2. In 2000 Ehud Barak offered 97% of what arafat was asking. Yet again arafat plainly refused and his true intentions of a trojan horse deal shone through. "the arabs never miss an opportunity to miss and opportunity" 3. Regarding the refugee problem. Prior to 1948 the Palestinean people living in the West Bank and Gaza were not under their own rule at the time either. Egypt controlled Gaza and West Bank by Jordan. Yet there was no call at the time for an independent Palestinean state free from foreign rule. And after 1948 when the 700 000 Arabs fled Palestine why were they never given citizenship in their neighbouring arab countries? why were they kept down and made to live in refugee camps and squaller for all these years. why have the arab countries not helped their own people? yet you make a point of saying that the israelis must solve the refugee problem! the arab world constantly reminds us of their hatred towards israel yet you say israel must solve the palestinean problems. one second we must help the next we must get blown up in buses. please make your mind up. 4. and regarding nuclear weapons. do you watch the news? Ahmadinejad recently announced to the world openyl and happily that he has restarted his nuclear programme. so why must israel stop her nuclear programme? and finally, jerusalem as you said is islams third holiest site. it is the only holy site for Jews. there is no where else. so east jeruslaem is as important to you as it is to the israelis and jews if not more. why should we be forced to give it up for peace we that can not even be guarenteed! i do not in anyway agree with the treatment of the palestinean people. and i agree that there is no justification for the way the idf use their control. there is no reason to put the people through all this, and i agree with you on that point. the humiliation and constant nightmare they go through is not fair. but then why dont the moderate palestinean people join together and crush the terrosrism, because it is clear that israel can not. why dont we try and break terrorism from the inside, and get the people to tell hamas, fatah, plo and hezbollah that they no longer want to fight this way. do you think the idf would just attack you? besides for '82 the israeli government has never intiated a war. so believe they are not going to come and get you if you lower your arms.....ahhh but you wont! please read some more facts at kind regards

    from the article: Ahmadinejad can continue to smile while the world argues
    First published 00:00 13.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 13.12.05
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