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    • Aaron
    • 31.01.11 | 08:27 (IST)

    We're supposed to think it is reasonable that 80 million Egyptians continue to be crushed under Mubarak's boot for Israel's peace of mind. No, no, a thousand times NO! Regional stability in the long term can only be created among nations of free people. Israel has a choice to make, and it is urgent to make it now. It is finally time to integrate in the region, instead of existing as an artificial state on US life-support, surrounded by other artificial states such as the Mubarak's Egyptian dictatorship, which also propped up by the US. The choice is either withdraw to the 1967 borders and negotiate a just solution for Palestinian refugees - as per the still-current Arab Peace Initiative proposed in 2002, or to become a single state where christians, jews, muslims and seculars all co-exist on the basis of equality for all. At this late stage, because of the settlements I think a Palestinian state is near-impossible, but it can't be discounted totally. If Israel wishes to continue to define itself as a jewish state the settlements project must be abandoned, immediately, and entirely. That is the price, and a leader willing to speak honestly to Israelis about their future may be able to bring about such change - but i doubt it. If the Tunisian/Egyptian revolutions spread to the rest of the region - and I suspect they will – then over the course of a decade or two Israel faces the prospect of going from being the most-free state to the least-free state in the region. Festering racism in Israel has the country moving in that direction already. There is a degree of urgency as there's no guarantee free arab states will continue to support the Arab Peace Initiative - it's a good plan, and the fastest way for Israel to integrate into the region. Israel has insulted the Arab League by refusing to even acknowledge it. The API is also supported by all 57 Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) states, including Iran. Aside, I've been really heartened by the support for the Egyptians I'm seeing among many Israelis and non-Israeli jews in social media. Conversely, I note even Ynet News ran an article about Israelis in Cairo, who were reporting attitudes towards them and general atmosphere to be very friendly. Whether the final outcome is one- or two-states, the seeds of a permanent Israel/Palestine peace are contained in the Egyptian uprising. Dare to dream, dare to hope, dare to risk - Israel needs a strong, honest leader with a lion's heart in the coming days and years.

    from the article: Israel urges world to curb criticism of Egypt's Mubarak
    First published 02:18 31.01.11 | Last updated 02:18 31.01.11
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