if they want revolution they are crying on deaf ears if the want problems fixed they can have it - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 15.08.11 | 20:20 (IDT)

    These people will have to accept they can't have everything they want we have a little thing called MONEY to think about. The government will try and break up monopolies ( something Bibi has always been in favor of ) and the government will spend money in certain sectors but the protestors must accept they can't have it all, they are asking to much. Also the alternative experts the protestors are meeting with don't take into account politics. An alternative expert can say take a couple of billion from defense but then the government has to coordinate with the IDF see where cutbacks can practically made and it may not be practical to cutback as much as the alternative experts claim can be taken. Bibi is also right when he says that any spending must take into account the rest of the world because Israel is walking on a tight rope and if we get into economic trouble because we spend to much its not going to benefit anybody. We can't have the kind of welfare state that the protestors are demanding and they are going to have to accept compromises. As for the government being surrounded by these tycoons which it is condemned for doing, those are the men who make the economy go round and so the government has to be in close contact with them. Wherever you go governments have close relations with big business. The only reason there is this hatred of so called tycoons in Israel is envy.. they have all this money and they can afford to spend more in a single day than an average Israeli earns in a month and so people are jelous and so they treat these people as though they are a symbol of everything thats wrong with Israel and having alot of money and reaching the very top is something to be ashamed of. We should actually be glad we have these businessemen because it says even in Israel if you work hard and know what your doing you can be just as successful as the rich Americans & Europeans unlike the old days when the socialists ran the country and nobody was rich .. there was the poor and those who were not as poor but were not rich, back then if you said Israel will one day have men who are worth millions you probably would have been laughed at. Israel's economy is growing and is better right now than its ever been in history but its still not rich country and so the protestors must understand there are limits to what they can reasonably expect government to spend.

    from the article: Alternative experts panel vows to address Israel's 'unacceptable' economic policy
    First published 13:16 15.08.11 | Last updated 13:16 15.08.11
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