If " The matter was slated to be transferred from the UN General - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Joseph .E
    • 17.01.10 | 14:00 (IST)

    Assembly to the Security Council, " Then how come "The Goldstone commission recommended that the case being referred to the International Criminal Court. " The Goldstone commission behaviour seems to be a 'power grab' reflecting the ICJ's aspirations to assume prerogatives reserved solely for the Security Council, in order to bring the ICJ's own powers into parity with those of the Security Council, UNSC the only UN organ with the power under the UN Charter to direct or obligate Member States on how to act. The Goldstone commission directive that the case be referred to the International Criminal Court challenges the power of the veto and the Security Council's management of "threats to world peace," Using the International Court of Justice's interpretations of the rule of international law in matters of 'threats to world peace' coupled with claims that the international community is obliged to support its rulings and calling for sanctions - decisions that under Chapter VII of the UN Charter is the sole prerogative of the Security Council. 'vetoing the veto. ' Complete imbalance arise from the entry of scores of new states into the United Nations who promote resolutions in the General Assembly reflecting political, economic, or sociological aspirations rather than a responsible assessment of the relevant legal issues and considerations. It would greatly enhance the dangers inherent in this imbalance in the United Nations and in the ICJ if thoughtlessly indulged were the illusion to consider declarations and resolutions of the UN General Assembly as if they were customary international law . Such power grab attempt by the International Court of Justice is short-sighted. the International Court of Justice perceived reputation and effectiveness are based solely on gut feelings and unsubstantiated assumptions - almost taking a leap of faith based on a mixture of personal and collective prejudice and popular opinion. The free and democratic world must rein in the appetite of the General Assembly and to demand of the International Court of Justice to step not beyond its limited mandate, and respect and obey international laws as set forth in the United Nations Charter.

    from the article: Diskin to Abbas: Defer UN vote on Goldstone or face 'second Gaza'
    First published 01:16 17.01.10 | Last updated 03:57 17.01.10
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