If Diaspora Jews want a say they can make Aliyah - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Scott
    • 23.05.13 | 08:27 (IDT)

    I made aliyah a year ago. I can honestly say that before actually moving my family here I had no no clue about Israel. While living in America I certainly thought I did, but actually being here made me realize that I should have kept my mouth shut about two-state solutions and well...almost everything else because I had no idea. It's cute to tell those of us living here that we should put our lives, our families, our businesses, and our futures at risk to make the rest of the world happy-especially the liberal Jews in the states who are tired of having their friends say mean things about Israel at Friday night cocktail parties. But it's wrong. To assimilated diaspora Jews, Israel is symbolic, not real. Something they support with their money because it gives them a connection to the Judaism they and their forefathers abandoned for the comforts of living a secular life. It's a hard truth but their honest attitude is that if it gets too hard in Israel for Jews, we can just leave. Why should the world make accommodations for a bunch of European Jews who are butting into the Middle East? It's Arab land anyway and we're just guests-like Jews are in the states. If they really thought Israel was real and important they'd get on a plane and move here. If they really wanted to affect change and make it their own, they'd get on a plane and move here. I did. Israel already has a Embassies to deal with foreign countries and foreign nationals. We have a Ministry of Absorption and a Bureau of Jewish Affairs to help Jews immigrate and become Israeli-not only free of charge-but with cash in their hands. And they get citizenship and voting rights thirty minutes after getting off the plane. When they get here they can actually feel the reality of living surrounded by hundreds of millions that want them dead and knowing that should the worst happen, the gentile world is not coming to help. Then as Israelis and committed Jews they can make an educated decision about how we achieve peace and security.. And which of the two is more important when you look at your infant daughter. It might give them a reason to fight against the world for what is right for their family and Jews. They might also feel the joy of living in the only place in the world where a Jew can live as a free man, immersed in his native culture without compromise. That might actually give them something to fight for as Jews.

    from the article: Why is no Israeli minister in charge of relations with Diaspora Jews?
    First published 01:50 23.05.13 | Last updated 01:50 23.05.13
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